Rivenrock Gardens, Nipomo, California

Nipomo, CA

Grower Number: CA0001

Contact: John Dicus
P.O. Box 196
Nipomo, CA 93444

Homepage: http://www.rivenrock.com/

About Rivenrock Gardens, Nipomo, California

I farm because it is such an enrichment to be able to take a small cutting, and from that coax many pounds of nourishing food using only the natural resources of soil, sun and moisture. Rivenrock Gardens Growing freshly harvested, certified organic edible cactus leaves for eating at your home or restaurant. Rivenrock Gardens is a certified-organic edible nopales artisan-farm. We grow a special variety of edible cactus called Nopalea Grande. This variety, cultivated by the Maya is nearly spineless, and VERY easy to prepare. Our website has preparation information, videos and recipes. Offering quantities from 1/2 lb to a ton (depending on variety needed and season), we are located on the central coast of California, in a remote pristine area surrounded by oak trees, and miles from conventional agriculture. Calif Organic Registration # 40-0405 Certified Organic By California Certified Organic Farmers CCOF Since 1993

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