Old Creek Ranch, Cayucos, California

Cayucos, CA

Grower Number: CA0002

Contact: 12520 Santa Rita Road
Cayucos, CA
12520 Santa Rita Rd.
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About Old Creek Ranch, Cayucos, California

We grow because our customers reward us for our philosophy of production in harmony with nature, season after season. At Old Creek Ranch we are guided by the philosophy of "production in harmony with nature." Cattle, sheep, and goats are rotated across their range in a manner designed to mimic the beneficial impact of wild grazers. We are predator friendly. Our management style produces a thriving natural food chain for a diverse population of cougars, coyotes, hawks, and other predatory critters, while guardian dogs diligently protect the domestic livestock. We encourage plant, animal, and insect diversity in our orchards and rangeland, building soil health and fertility, while reducing opportunity for large populations of troublesome pests. Fertilizers, when used, are organic. We use no chemical or artificial fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides or growth stimulants on land, plants or livestock. Our goal is to produce wholesome flavorful food, using methods that are in total harmony with nature.

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