Family Farm, Slater, South Carolina

Slater, SC

Grower Number: SC0002

Contact: Grower ID: SC0002
Owners Name: Judy Best
Contact Phone: (864)350-6532
204 Bates Bridge Rd
South Carolina
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About Family Farm, Slater, South Carolina

Family Farms is a partnership between Judy Best and Billy Ledford. Judy runs the U-pick market during the end of April and all of May offering already picked strawberries, u-pick strawberries and strawberry tours where children and adults take a tractor-buggy ride to strawberry field and pick strawberries. She also grows tomatoes, bell pepper and KY beans (bush pole bean). The bell pepper, tomatoes, and KY's are shipped to markets in NC and SC. The farm mailing address is 151 Willis Rd., Taylors, SC 29687.

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