Belluz Farms, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Grower Number: ON0001

Contact: ON0001
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Owners Name: Kevin Belluz
Contact Phone: 807-475-5181
Contact Fax: 807-475-0084
Street Address: 752 Candy Mountain Drive
City: Thunder Bay
County: Canada

About Belluz Farms, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

We specialize in fresh fruits and vegetables selected and grown to maximize flavour for a local market. We also produce organically grown flowers and vegetable transplants to sell to the public and other farmers. Agriculture, like all jobs, must be treated as a profession if you are going to be successful in the long term - especially if you believe in providing safe, good quality food to thousands of people each year. It requires respect for time-honoured traditions and constant learning about how to make those fundamentals better and safer. Medium-sized family farms like ours depend heavily on support from our local community as we don't have the size and economies of scale to ship product to far markets. Visit our website and you will see that we take our job very seriously, and we love what we do! Supporting real farmers supports the long term food security of our community.

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